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Hi and welcome to my website for displaying some of my image captures over the years.


I have been photographing wildlife and landscapes since I was 14 years old. I originally started with Mom's Nikon FG until I could afford my own Nikon FE. Back then you were much more cautious with pushing the shutter button then in today's digital age. Each frame back then cost money to develop and print unlike today were memory is almost free and the delete button is readily at hand. After about a 5 year hiatus of taking any pictures back in the 90's (Two Kids and No Money For Developing) I have graduated digitally from my original Olympus Ultra to my current Nikon D750. I still try to hold onto those old ways of getting it right on the first shot and usually find one of the first three shots I've taken of a subject the right one and everything after that was a waste of memory space. That is except when your learning a new technique such as birds in flight. I never could of afforded the waste of film my recent two day Snowy Owl adventure would have generated. 800+ images taken over two days. With maybe 100 usable and of those a dozen I would print.

I am currently working through my digital catalogue of 5,000 plus images and will be continuing to post some of the better ones here and on Facebook and National Geographic My Photo Pages.  I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I do taking them.

Please note all images on this website are copyrighted and the sole property of Kevin Whitten.

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