Welcome to the blog spot for our little ‘peace’ of paradise.

Hi I’m Kevin and I live in a renovated 1899 Schoolhouse on 3/4 of an acre north of Hwy 9 in Ontario, Canada with my wife Irene along with several other critters. We started this journey way back in 2014 (if not earlier).  We were looking for a way to get out of the city and to simplify life a little bit. Our  criteria was a fairly easy commute back to Brampton for work, a little land, and if possible, a Century/Heritage style house.

We got serious in 2016 and put in an offer on one property; luckily that fell through  (although how we lost out on the offer seemed a bit of shady deal). Karma is a great thing and this schoolhouse came back onto the market at a reduced price.  Irene was off in Iceland with our youngest (Justin) and her Mom to celebrate Justin’s high school graduation; during which time I decided that an offer should be put in on the schoolhouse as it was a good find. Keeping in mind that Irene had only seen pictures, I took a huge leap of faith and, after some bartering, a price was settled upon. Irene did not get to see the actual house and property  until the house inspector came to tell me  whether there was anything hidden in the construction that might be problem down the road. The inspector and Irene both gave a thumbs up and the deal was done. September 30th was the possession date.

Our Brampton house was sold with an extended closing date, giving me 8 weeks to get the place livable.

Keeping in mind that I was fully aware of the amount of work needed when the offer was made, the journey had begun.

As we are starting this blog almost two years after gaining possession, 2018 & 2019 posts will contain memories from 2016 and 2017 until we catch up!

Thanks for reading,

Kevin, Irene, Dixie, Bandit, Sylvee, Trixie, Ginger, Brandie, Veronica, and the Honey Girls.

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